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Looking for a dental hygienist who doesn't always point  out what's going wrong? Look no further.

My vision is to work towards a healthy mouth together with you, in a fun and above all positive way.

Sleepless nights days before your appointment with the dentist or dental hygienist? My aim is to carry out the treatments in such a way that you gradually become more and more relaxed with each visit, in your own pace.

Most importantly, to help you get rid of your fear. 

Good to know

The dental hygienist is for everyone who has pain or discomfort in or surrounding the teeth, or for people who want to prevent this!

You can't start early enough with visiting the dental hygiënist, because good oral hygiene is the essential part for a strong dentition.

Thats why kids are also welcome at the Tand Atelier.

I have years of experience with treating children. 

Did you know that in  the Netherlands, basic insurance covers the treatment-costs for kids until they turn 18?

Does your child have a hard time with letting the dentist or dental hygienist check his/her teeth?  

I'll help with this by using an interactive and a relaxed way of treatments, and eventually this will make your child feel like it's fun to go to a dental professional, and that's the same thing I aim for with the grown ups! 

Do you have braces? This makes it extra difficult to keep your teeth clean. An appointment with a dental hygienist will be very helpful, because we can provide you with some tips to improve your oral hygiene, and we'll make your teeth squeaky clean again!  



To be able to help you properly, bring the following with you to your first appointment:  ​

  • An ID

  • a possible referral card or letter if your dentist has provided one

  • an insurance card

  • x-rays 

After going through the medical questionnaire, we'll begin the treatment. 

I start with looking at the overall state of the gums and teeth, and based on my findings, I'll propose a treatment and give you an indication of the costs.

There are medical health forms in the waiting room, and you can fill in the form upon arrival, so that I can go through them with you before we start.

This is important because some medication and conditions can affect your mouth. 

If you agree to this, we will start with the dental cleaning and you will leave the practice with squeaky clean teeth. 

Multiple treatments may be required.

Smile mother child


The prices for oral healthcare in the Netherlands are being determined annually by the Dutch Healthcare Authority. Below, an overview of the prices that are relevant for the dental hygienist  and codes that come with it. If you have any questions about these codes, especially because they are in Dutch, do not hesitate to contact the Tand Atelier. 

Prices 2024

Het Tand Atelier

Frederik Hendrikstraat 24
1052 HV Amsterdam

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